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Frequently Asked Questions

When was CPI started?

CPI started in late 2017 however activities began in 2018.

Is this a religious organization?

The Cancer Prayer Institute is independent of any religious organization. It exists solely for the purpose outlined in its mandate, which is to pray to God for help and intervention in finding answers to cancer. Our DEI Policy dictates inclusivity of all faiths.

What /who do we pray for?

We pray for Cancer Care Facilities, research facilities, doctors and surgeons, caregivers, and those living with cancer, their families and friends. We pray especially for children’s cancer facilities and for the eradication of crippling childhood cancers.  

How do people hear about you?

Initially, people heard of us by word of mouth. More recently, people have been driven to the site through Google search and other social media platforms. 

Presently, we are engaging in outreach activities,so that more people could avail themselves of our services.

How are the services delivered?

We have a dedicated group of individuals and staff members that do the work.  There are several coordinators who deal with various segments of users, for example, hospitals, religious organizations, universities and colleges, and International groups. 

Do you offer prayers for other conditions?

No! We are totally focused on cancer issues, which is the reason we exist.  Our services fall into streams, prayer and prayer research, which is exactly how prayer affects cancer patients. 

Do you issue tax receipts?


How do you get money?

To date, all financial support came from the founder and three foundational members. 

We derive income to support the work we do through Membership, Services,Event Sponsorships and Promotional items.  

What happens if someone wants to make a substantial donation? 

They will be directed to our member organization that offers broader services to the public.

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