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OCTOBER 14 - 20, 2024

About Us

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The Cancer Prayer Institute is a global prayer initiative started in 2018, in Toronto, Canada. It is an organic group with the sole mission to pray against cancer. The founding member, Lee MacGregor had a recurring dream in 2017 in which she was called to pray for God’s intervention in the fight against cancer. With determination, hard work and a few dedicated members, the mission is growing. We are a non-denominational group supported by individuals, churches, organizations and memberships.





  • We believe in the power of interfaith prayer.

  • We believe God hears and answers prayers

  • We believe in medical treatment and research.

  • We believe in supernatural healing.

  • We believe that prayer is an integral part of cancer care.

  • We believe that God is sovereign.

  • We believe that God holds the ultimate answer to cancer.





  • We aim to build and maintain dynamic cancer prayer teams.

  • Offer cancer prayer services to individuals, groups and organizations

  • Facilitate community cancer prayer events at various locations in the city.

  • To expand activities to other locations and regions. 

  • Provide workshops and training in cancer prayer therapy.

Our Beliefs

Our Mission

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